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I am a lecturer (RTDA) in Political Philosophy (BA and MA, University of Milan; MSc London School of Economics; PhD University of Milan).

My main interests include democratic theory, pluralism, critical theories of justice, hate speech. Prior to joining the University of Genova, I was a Fulbright Research Scholar in the Political Science Department of Brown University and a Postdoctoral Researcher at LUISS-Guido Carli. I held visiting research positions at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (New Delhi), the Cluster of Excellence “Normative Orders” at the University of Frankfurt, and Brown University. I also held positions as a consultant and as a research associate with international organizations, think tanks, and UN agencies working on migration policy, such as A-id: Agenda for International Development, IOM-China, IOM-Ethiopia, IOM-Gambia, and UNICEF-Bolivia.

Attività di Ricerca


Odio Pubblico. Uso e abuso del discorso intollerante, Castelvecchi, Rome, 2020.


Edited volumes

Africa Migration Report, IOM-Ethiopia and African Union, Addis-Ababa, forthcoming (with Aderanti Adepoju and Nanjala Nyabora)

Innovazioni democratiche, Fondazione Feltrinelli, Milan, 2019 (with Entico Biale).

Per cosa lottare. Le frontiere del progressismo (with Enrico Biale), Feltrinelli, Milan, 2019 (with Enrico Biale).

Fake news, post-veritĂ  e politica, Fondazione Feltrinelli, Milan, 2019 (with Giulia Bistagnino).

Destra, Fondazione Feltrinelli, Milan, 2019 (with Spartaco Puttini).


Journal articles

“Conceptual formation in global thinking: desk-bounds, globetrotters, and pathfinders,” Philosophy and Public Issues (forthcoming)

“Towards a truly pluralistic political theory of pluralism”, Philosophy and Social Criticism, online first 2020.

“Discorsi d’odio come pratiche ordinarie,” Biblioteca della libertà 224 (2019), pp. 55-75.

“When do they speak? Deliberation and democratic decision-making in the EU,” Political Studies 67(2019) 1053–1071.

”Propositional attitudes, harm and public hate speech situations: towards a maieutic approach,” European Journal of Political Theory 0(2019), online first.

”The changing landscape of development assistance: towards a new taxonomy,” Public Administration and Development 39 (2019), pp.215-30 (with Valeria Lauria).

“Democratic representation and democratic sanctions,” Representation 54 (2018), pp. 201-19.


Book chapters

“La democrazia è davvero in crisi?,” in E. Biale and C. Fumagalli (eds.), Innovazioni democratiche, Fondazione Feltrinelli, Milan, 2019 (with Enrico Biale).

“Per una filosofia politica progressista,” in E. Biale and C. Fumagalli (eds.), Per cosa lottare. Le frontiere del progressismo, Feltinelli, Milan, 2019 (with Enrico Biale).

”Verità vs. politica,” in G. Bistagnino and C. Fumagalli (eds.), Fake-news, post-verità e politica, Fondazione Feltrinelli, Milan, 2019. (with Giulia Bistagnino)ò

“Parlare con chi odia,” in C. Fumagalli and S. Puttini (eds.), Destra, Feltrinelli, Milan, 2018.

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